Moose Jaw Minor Basketball Association Covid-19 Return to Play Policy

1. All persons 18 years of age and older affiliated with Moose Jaw Minor Basketball (staff, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers and officials) must provide proof of vaccination or that they are fully vaccinated prior to participating with players.  Proof of vaccinations and a copy of a current Canadian photo ID can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.prior to October 21st, 2021.  Spectators do not need to provide proof of vaccination, but must adhere to all other policies.

a) “Fully-vaccinated”means 

1) the individual has received the recommended number of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, or combination of COVID-19 vaccines, approved by Health Canada; and  

2) 14 or more days have passed since the individual received the last of the recommended number of doses

b) “proof of being fully-vaccinated” means one of the following:

1) a wallet card received at the time of immunization; 

2) a printed copy of a MySaskHealthRecordvaccine certificate, with or without a QR code; 

3) a screenshot of a MySaskHealthRecordvaccine certificate, with or without a QR code; or

4) a COVID-19 vaccine printout from Saskatchewan Health Authority, Public Health; 

5) a QR code/MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate uploaded to SK Vax Wallet 

6) a type of proof, whether electronic or in writing, that is issued: 

  • by the government of Canada or a province or territory of Canada, or 
  • byany other government of another jurisdiction.

c) Proof of vaccination records need to be provided once and will not be stored.  Once verified and the member is approved for the season, the documents will be destroyed.

d) MJMBA will not accept proof of negative tests in lieu of this policy.

e) Anyone who provides a fraudulent proof of vaccination will be immediately terminated from the position they hold within Moose Jaw Minor Basketball Association for the remainder of the seasonand will be reported to the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

2. As per the provincial mask mandate all players, coaches, officials and spectators will be required to wear masks when entering all facilities and for the event’s duration.

a) Effective Friday, September 17, 2021 an interim province-wide mandatory masking order will be implemented for all indoor public spaces, including schools.  Indoor public spaces are any enclosed space other than a private home or dwelling.  This may include but is not exclusive to workplaces, retail locations, recreational venues, eating and dining establishments and professional buildings.  “Indoor public spaces” includes those areas of a business or venue that are restricted to staff only (areas where there is no access for the public).

b) Face coverings are not required for the following individuals: 

  • (i) Individuals aged two and under;
  • (ix) Individuals 18 years of age and older and on-ice or on-court officials while participating in sports activities, for the duration of the sport or activity only, so long as they are subject to a proof of vaccination policy; and
  • (x) Individuals who are under the age of 18 years while participating in sports, for the duration of the sport only.

3. Participants, staff and spectators MUST adhere to all other Provincial Health Orders as stated by the SHA including all close contact and isolation orders.  

4. Please do not allow your player to attend if they are unwell or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positives per the government mandate.

5. We ask that each family please try to limit the amount of spectators in order to allow for increased social distancing.  

6. Anyone who is unwilling to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the facility immediately.  Non-compliance may result in all spectators being removed from the program, for the duration of the season.

Please see the full SHA masking policy at Provincial Order - Masking and Isolation September 30 2021.pdf and the Proof of Vaccination Policy at Provincial Order - Vaccination or Negative Test September 30 2021.pdf

*These policies may change based on current information and guidelines