We are a volunteer-run community basketball league, focused on teaching the game of basketball to boys and girls in Gr 2-8.  We, along with our members, view our league as a great training ground for school teams and community involvement.

Scheduled Events:

We hold regularly scheduled practice four nights a week, and reward our players with a game every Saturday or day TBD. We devote the majority of our practice time to fundamental skill development. Games are treated as the reward for a hard week at practice!


Teams & Divisions:

Players are assigned a team by the league executive in the following groups:


DivisionsPlayersCourt SizeScoring
 Rugrats  3 vs 3  Side Court – Coach Ref.  No scoring
 Bantam Girls  3 vs 3  Side Court – Coach Ref  No scoring
 Bantam Boys  3 vs 3   Side Court – Coach Ref  No scoring
 Jr. Girls  5 vs 5   Full Court – 2 league Ref  Score Kept
 Jr. Boys  5 vs 5  Full Court – 2 league Ref  Score Kept



Price per player is $210. This includes a basketball for all registered players to keep, as well as a year end pizza party. Parents are encouraged to help coach!  Jerseys are provided but must be returned at the end of the season.  If jerseys are lost or not returned a $60 replacement fee will be charged.

Volunteers Needed:

We rely on volunteers to help coach the kids. The league provides you with a coaching clinic as well as a unified practice plan that all coaches follow. We just require a great attitude and loads of enthusiasm! 

One coach from each group will have their youth admission fee reimbursed at the end of the season. To qualify a coach will have to be in consistent attendance and be a positive influence. All coaches are required to pay full admission for their youth at the beginning of the season. The individuals whom have been chosen for the reimbursement will be privately notified, by the league, at the end of the season.

Training Youth Referees:

The league also trains young people to referee our games. If anyone in grades 8-12 is interested in learning to officiate, please contact us! The pay is great, and referees are provided with a shirt and whistle, as well as year long training.


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